Elementary Spanish Teacher and Program Coordinator at Orono Schools

25 May 2011 3:09 PM | Anonymous
The Elementary Spanish Teacher/Coordinator, in consultation with others, will be responsible for developing a comprehensive, articulated FLEX (K) - FLES (1-2) program for our elementary students based on ACTFL proficiency standards. S/he will motivate students to develop the necessary skills and enthusiasm for language acquisition, and provide rich, instructional experiences as a foundation for the introduction of world languages and cultures in general and the Spanish language and its cultures in particular.  Working with classroom and specialist teachers, s/he will integrate vocabulary and concepts from other academic areas into the curriculum so that the language acquisition process does not exist as a discrete entity, but rather becomes part of the larger school experience for our students.  This teacher will possess a passion for language teaching and acquisition as well as an excitement for promoting the program, evidenced by interactions with students, colleagues, parents, and the community at large.    

Desired Qualifications: 

  • Current Minnesota licensure in K-12 Spanish
  • Demonstrable native/near native fluency in both written and spoken Spanish
  • Knowledge of elementary teaching methodology, child development, and language acquisition principles
  • Skills necessary to create, develop, and promote a comprehensive K-2 FLEX/FLES program
  • Ability to articulate and manage the program development process for a new elementary curriculum and world language center
  • Experience with a wide range of teaching, class management, and assessment strategies and the ability to apply them in an elementary classroom setting
  • In-depth comprehension of all national (ACTFL) standards for Spanish and the capacity to assess and communicate student progress to parents and others   
  • Ability and commitment necessary to develop and continuously improve world language curriculum for elementary students at various grade levels
  • Willingness to work with other district world language teachers in assuring a well-articulated District-wide world languages program
  • Enthusiasm for promoting the elementary FLEX/FLES program with all program stakeholders
  • Strong oral and written interpersonal communication and presentational skills
  • Interest in working cooperatively with classroom teachers and others to integrate content area concepts and vocabulary into the world languages curriculum
  • Understanding of and willingness to differentiate instruction, as needed, for multiple learning styles and abilities
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to utilize and infuse technology into the classroom

Contact Information: 

Dr. Connie Fladeland, Principal

Schuman Elementary School


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