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    • 25 Mar 2017
    • 08 Apr 2017
    • 2 sessions
    • Minnesota Department of Education

    A Collaborative of Minnesota Department of Education, Coordinators of World Languages, CARLA (Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition) and MCTLC  (Minnesota Council on the Teaching of Languages and Cultures) is offering a series of workshops for the 2016-2017 school year.

    NEW - Teachers now have the opportunity to earn 1 graduate credit for completion of the four IP-Yay sessions, course readings, and final course product, which consists of a unit outline and the creation of an interpretive performance assessment, an interpersonal performance assessment, and a presentational performance assessment.  Graduate credit is available through Hamline Univeristy for $179.


    The four five hour workshops on four Saturdays are intended to help teachers write and revise their world language curriculum based on the integrated performance assessment (IPA) framework developed by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). The workshops are designed help teachers focus on proficiency goals in language teaching and learn how to develop assessments of the modes of communication using backward design (Wiggins & McTighe). The series I open to teachers of all levels and languages.  


    Teachers will:

    ·        Understand how integrated performance assessment/instructional units can fit with their current curriculum

    ·        Learn how to develop practical  performance assessments

    ·        Develop an integrated performance assessment unit to include each of the modes of communication

    ·     Teachers will work in level appropriate  groups across languages

    ·     Learn how to adapt units for use with higher and lower proficiency levels

    ·        Explore the role of the culture standard

    Learning how use of Can-Do Statements with students to raise  awareness of their learning and help them identify learning areas on which to focus.

    Read and discuss multiple articles on assessment  (list will be included with syllabus)

    *lunch provided at all sessions

    Individual Session Titles:

    • September 24 – 8 Steps to Designing an IPA
    • February 4– Developing the Interpretive Mode
    • March 25 – Developing the Interpersonal Mode
    • April 8 – Developing the Presentational Mode


Past events

28 Oct 2016 Fall Conference 2016
01 Apr 2016 Fall Conference Exhibitor/Advertiser 2016
20 Feb 2016 Moving from Performance to Proficiency using Integrated Proficiency Based Assessment - Rochester
04 Feb 2016 Moving from Performance to Proficiency using Integrated Proficiency Based Assessment
23 Jan 2016 Assessing Languages without Available Proficiency Assessments: Meeting Bilingual and Multilingual Seal and World Language Proficiency Certificate Criteria.
23 Oct 2015 Fall Conference 2015
23 Oct 2015 Fall Conference Exhibitor/Advertiser 2015
03 Oct 2015 Classical Association of Minnesota Annual Meeting
26 Sep 2015 Bilingual and Multilingual Seals and World Language Proficiency Assessments: Recognizing Student Language Proficiency and Earning College Credit
19 Sep 2015 MN AATG Fall Meeting: Teaching Languages through the Lens of Social Justice
12 Sep 2015 Fall 2015 MCTLC Teachers Café
09 May 2015 Rethinking WHAT We Teach: Content Language Integrated Learning in the World Language Classroom
11 Apr 2015 World Language Proficiency Certificates and Bilingual Seal Workshop
12 Mar 2015 Central States Conference on Teaching Foreign Languages
28 Feb 2015 MCTLC Teachers Café
25 Oct 2014 Fall Conference 2014
24 Oct 2014 Fall Conference Exhibitor/Advertiser
13 Sep 2014 Coffee, Culture, and Communities
19 Aug 2014 Google Hangout with Conference Keynote Yo Azama
26 Apr 2014 Coffee, Culture, and Communities
26 Apr 2014 Creativity in the Classroom: Maximizing Language Learning Through Student Engagement and Interaction
12 Apr 2014 Looking at Your Students’ Work to Evaluate Progress Toward Learning Targets
24 Mar 2014 ACTFL OPI Training
01 Mar 2014 Preparing Lessons for Global Learning
01 Mar 2014 Essential Questions as a Catalyst for Communication
06 Feb 2014 Hands-on Technology with Task-Based Language Learning
16 Nov 2013 Content-Based Instruction Strategies
18 Oct 2013 Fall Conference Exhibitor/Advertiser
17 Oct 2013 MCTLC 2013 Fall Conference
14 Sep 2013 Coffee, Culture, and Communities
14 Aug 2013 Curriculum Writing Retreat and Workshop
09 May 2013 Minnesota Summit on Global Learning
27 Apr 2013 Teacher Tools for Second Language Acquisition: Developing Learner Language in the Classroom
13 Apr 2013 Coffee, Culture, and Communities
12 Nov 2012 TPRS with Barbara Cartford
19 Oct 2012 MCTLC 2012 Fall Conference
19 Oct 2012 Fall Conference Exhibitor/Advertiser Application
18 Oct 2012 Immersion 2012: Bridging Contexts for a Multilingual World
29 Sep 2012 Coffee, Culture, and Communities
16 Jul 2012 CARLA Summer Institute: Developing Assessments for the Second Language Classroom
12 Jul 2012 Travel Photography for Language Teachers
12 Jul 2012 African Literature from French Speaking Nations
18 May 2012 AATF-MN Awards Brunch, Le Grand Concours
12 May 2012 Mexican Cooking Demo & Lunch
25 Apr 2012 AATF-MN A Vous la Parole - Minnesota's French Speaking Contest
13 Apr 2012 Festival Quijote 2012 Provides Opportunities for Spanish Students to Compete in Art, Video, and Performance Events.
07 Apr 2012 AATF-MN Cercle de lecture - Photo de groupe au bord du fleuve, Emmanuel Dongala
08 Mar 2012 ACTFL Offers OPI training at CSC in March
08 Mar 2012 CSCTFL 2012 Annual Conference
18 Feb 2012 AATF-MN Cercle de lecture - Les Grandes Blondes, Jean Echenoz (Minuit, 1995)
15 Feb 2012 AATF-MN 2012 le Grand Concours du français / National French Contest
10 Dec 2011 MCTLC Metro Region Winter Holiday Gathering
03 Dec 2011 MCTLC To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Is that really the question?
19 Nov 2011 AATF-MN Cercle de lecture - Les Petites Mecaniques, Paul Claudel (2003-Folio)
15 Nov 2011 AATSP Annual Meeting and Dinner
12 Nov 2011 November Board Meeting
08 Nov 2011 AATF-MN la Semaine nationale du français / National French Week
21 Oct 2011 MCTLC 2011 Fall Conference
20 Oct 2011 AATG Fall Meeting
20 Oct 2011 Minnesota Chinese Teacher Meeting
20 Oct 2011 Hora Feliz
20 Oct 2011 MCTLC 2011 Thursday Workshops ONLY (October 20, 2011)
01 Oct 2011 AATF-MN Event: Fall Atelier, Oct. 1, 2011
24 Sep 2011 AATF-MN event: Mn AATF - Cercle de lecture: Victoire, les saveurs et les mots , Maryse Condé 2008.
17 Sep 2011 First Annual "Coffee, Tea, Cultures and Celebrations"
17 Aug 2011 Idea Exchange and Swap Meet - Share new ideas!
29 Jul 2011 Summer board retreat
19 May 2011 AATF-MN event: Awards Brunch, Mn AATF Chapter - Le Grand Concours
06 May 2011 AATF-MN event: Mn Chapter AATF Annual Dinner
26 Apr 2011 AATF-MN event: A Vous la Parole (statewide oral French contest)
09 Apr 2011 AATF-MN event: Mn AATF - Cercle de lecture: No et moi, Delphine de Vigan ed. J.C. Lattès, 2007(Prix Libraires 2008)
02 Mar 2011 Spring professional development for immersion educators by MAIN
19 Feb 2011 AATF-MN event: Mn AATF - Cercle de lecture: La Petite Fille de Monsieur Linh, Philippe Claudel
14 Feb 2011 AATF-MN event: 2011: le Grand Concours du français/ National French Contest
12 Feb 2011 MCTLC Board Meeting
20 Nov 2010 AATF-MN event: Cercle de lecture: Le Masque boiteux ou Histoire de soldats, Koffi Kwahoulé
16 Nov 2010 Café Latino 3
04 Nov 2010 AATF-MN event: November 4-10, 2010: la Semaine nationale du français/ National French Week
21 Oct 2010 MNAATG Fall Meeting" "Making Connections: German in Minnesota"
21 Oct 2010 MCTLC 2010 Fall Conference
09 Oct 2010 AATF-MN event: Atelier d'automne "WWII Resistance in France"
08 Oct 2010 Engaging Students for Advanced Proficiency
25 Sep 2010 AATF-MN event: La petite marchande de prose, Daniel Pennac Prix Inter, 1999.
14 Sep 2010 Café Latino 2
19 Aug 2010 Free Webinar for NNELL members!!!
23 Jun 2010 Café Latino
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